Harjo Ruis

It started as a holiday job in 2012, but Harjo liked it at Amari Metals and the feeling was mutual. He is one of our specialists with a broad knowledge of aluminium profiles. ‘Amari is a growing company. It’s fantastic to be in on that and to be a part of a really close-knit team.’

Encouraged by colleague Wilty, Harjo is now a fanatical motorcyclist. Come rain or come shine, he comes to work on his Kawasaki. And if he’s isn’t coming to work, then he’s on holiday, and those days are spent as much as possible in the snow. If possible, he goes on winter sports holidays three times a year with his girlfriend.

In fact, there’s no shortage of sporting types at Amari Metals. Harjo is just one of the staff who enjoys using the sports facilities in our premises in Vianen.

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