Afscheid Hanno de Joode - Amari Metals

Hanno de Joode embarks on a new adventure at Vendolution

Hanno de Joode, managing director at Amari Metals since 2009, will soon begin a new chapter at Vendolution. After over 18 successful years at Amari Metals, where he built an exceptional team, it’s time for a new challenge. In this news article, Hanno reflects on his time at Amari Metals and shares his thoughts and plans for the future.

Joy as the driving force at Amari Metals

Looking back on his time at Amari Metals, Hanno spoke highly of the company and his team: “I’ve had 18 wonderful years at Amari Metals,” says Hanno with a smile. “It’s a fantastic team with talented individuals. Together, we went through a remarkable transition, entering new markets, developing new products, and truly establishing Amari Metals. I derived tremendous energy from mentoring young people and building success together.”

Hanno emphasized the importance of finding joy in work: “In 2012, as a team we decided that joy should be a fundamental principle for the years to come, and we made that happen! Every day, we had fun and translated it into remarkable results. It’s something I definitely want to continue in my new challenge.”

A new challenge at Vendolution

“I often hear people say that around your 50s, there comes a point where you start contemplating what you still want to do during the rest of your life,” Hanno said. “I wasn’t intensely focused on that myself, but sometimes a great opportunity presents itself. Wim Verhoeven, a friend I’ve known for 35 years, approached me with the question of whether I was interested in further developing his company, Vendolution. It immediately appealed to me.”

Vendolution is a company specializing in vending machines. Hanno explains: “The vending world is in full motion, primarily due to staffing shortages and the need for efficient solutions. I see many possibilities to grow Vendolution and provide innovative solutions to partners in need of unmanned sales and distribution.”

Mark van Bavel as a worthy successor

With pride, Hanno spoke about his successor, Mark van Bavel, who has been with Amari for nearly 12.5 years: “Mark started with us at the age of nineteen and has developed into a talented professional. Now, he has the opportunity to assume the role of managing director. I’m incredibly proud that I could mentor Mark and see him reach such a significant position.”

When asked if he has any advice for Mark, Hanno replied: “Continue finding joy in what you do and stay true to yourself. Mark has the capabilities and the right team to further grow Amari. I have full confidence that he will be successful.”

Closing remarks

With his last days at Amari Metals approaching, Hanno looks forward to the beginning of his new adventure at Vendolution. He is determined to utilize his experience and passion to drive the company’s growth and provide innovative solutions to the unmanned sales sector. “It’s a beautiful new step where Wim and I, as co-owners, get to build Vendolution together.”

Hanno concluded the interview with an invitation: “I invite everyone to follow my journey at Vendolution. I’m convinced that we will achieve great things.”