We produce and supply customised aluminium profiles, from the drawing board up to and including assembly of the final product. Amari Metals is a committed expert partner throughout the entire process.

Your specific requirements for aluminium profiles are translated into mould designs. Next comes the aluminium extrusion process: a block of aluminium is given its desired shape by being pressed through the mould at a very high temperature.

Tailor-made aluminium profiles

Amari’s aluminium specialists and engineers will advise you from the very beginning. They will help you decide on the best application and construction of the aluminium profile. After the product has been formed by extrusion, we can carry out all desired finishing operations, such as tapping, painting, sawing, drilling, bending, brushing and powder coating. We can also carry out all operations required to assemble the semi-finished products into end products.


Reliable partner for:

Anodiseren aluminium

Special profiles

Keep a variety of types of products in stock, including aluminium extrusion on the basis of profile drawings

Amari warehouse

Stock and distribution

We keep aluminium profiles in stock for you and deliver them on demand. If you order today, you will have your product tomorrow.

aluminium laten anodiseren

Assembly and finishing

We assemble your semi-manufactured product into a finished product and can carry out all other processing.


If you have specific requirements for an aluminum semi-manufactured or finished product, our engineers design tailor-made profiles.

Why customers choose Amari Metals

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Carefree logistics

Anodiseren aluminium

High-quality finish

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Customisation for every sector

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Storage and stock management