Ingmar van der Vlist

Ingmar is one of the people in our warehouse who makes sure that the agreements made in the front office with our partners actually get carried out. This is where all the products are brought in and the orders prepared.

Ingmar has had a lot of technical experience in the field, including working in optical electronics and the automotive sector. He’s still involved with cars, but now as a hobby. He is, as he puts it, Renault-mad. ‘My father drove one in 1987 and since then, I really immersed myself in the brand.’ He has a veteran car, a Renault 5 TS, which he enjoys tinkering with. This particular car was in production for only nine months and only 85 were delivered to the Netherlands.

In addition to cars, Ingmar is a great lover of films and music and has an impressive collection at home.

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